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How to Demonstrate Communication Skills: 4 Stages.

Communication Skills Definition:

Communication skills are how we deliver and obtain information and communicate our thoughts and ideas with those around us.

In this fast and competitive world, it is necessary to understand that to build a professional network or any kind of image in front of people, one needs to create a professional and comfortable level of communication. In each and every department of work, whether it is a professional department or personal activities, communication builds an environment of fluency and comfort.

Communication helps to maintain a healthy relationship between two people. Having good communication skills in the workplace helps to maintain a peaceful environment in the company.

What Are Good Communication Skills?

Communication skill is an important skill which almost every professional should possess to become successful. It is the trait that most employers look for when hiring candidates. This works as the core and can be the deciding factor for one’s professional performance at work.

Good communication skills can result in a boost in confidence, improve morale, able to craft clear goals, have a vision, etc. To understand better we have differentiated communication into various forms, they are

  • Written Communication Skills
  • Verbal speaking
  • Social Media Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking

Few other forms of communication skills are:

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Confidence
  3. Respect
  4. Friendliness
  5. Open-Mindedness
  6. Empathy
  7. Cohesion and Clarity
  8. Listening
  9. Asking Good Questions
  10. Tone of Voice


How to Demonstrate Communication Skills in Interview: 

While attending an interview a candidate needs to keep in mind that knowledge is something which will help a person grow in his/her professional career, but having a healthy and effective communication skill can help a person succeed in his/her personal and professional life as well.

This is one of the best communication skills examples for an interview to remember.

1. Present yourself as a professional:

Good and positive communication skills is one of the essential features that an interviewer checks on in a candidate more than his/her education qualification. This is one of the major interview skills, a candidate should possess.

While attending an interview all the candidates need to understand that being professional or showing professional communication skills to the panel of interviewers may create an image of the professional structure. The common presentation of a certain level of professionalism of yourself can get you that particular job.

2. Communicate precisely:

Most of the time it happens that a candidate gets carried away while his / her interview process and end up making everyone embarrassed.

So to avoid such embarrassing moments a person needs to understand that while attending an interview and during the sessions of questions, a person needs to answer them precisely with a brief explanation.

In this way, that candidate can create a positive impression on the company interviewers.

3. Fluency in your communication skill:

Sometimes candidates forget that fluency in their communication skill is a necessary factor that an interviewer consider in a candidate.

For example, if a candidate who entered into an interview with well educated and experienced background makes a small mistake in his / her fluency level of communication skills and makes a fumble in the middle of the interview, then the chances of being hired for the position would be very low.

4. Maintain a comfort level of communication:

There is a possibility that if a candidate appearing for an interview is not so comfortable with his / her communication level, especially in English then it would be best for him / her that before starting an interview he/she should confront that particular judging panel that you are not so comfortable with the English language and this can create an image of an honest person.

Instead of communicating in English and creating an awkward situation. Therefore, it would be best for both of the parties that they should build a comforting communication skill.

5. Address yourself and opposite party respectfully:

During an interview, most of the people commit a common mistake of starting a frank communication tone which is unnecessary. And most of the people suggest us to be frank during the interview but before being frank that person needs to analyze the situation and then start being frank.

So it would be better if a person is respectful to themselves and others instead of frankness. This will help them to present themselves as a responsible individual.

How to Demonstrate Communication Skills at Work:

As explained earlier, there is not much of a difference in the communication levels during an interview or at work. But the small difference would be their responsibility towards their work.

1. Positive behavior:

Communicating better and comfortable is one of the key elements of a successful professional career. Therefore, if a person needs to build their impression around the employees and the employers then it is necessary to understand that he/she must have a positive approach towards their communication level of skill. And there will be a possibility that a person would create a positive impression at the office.

2. Clarity in your communication:

Most of the employees lack in their communication because of their poor clarity of communication. It is advisable that a person working in the office need to have clarity in his/her communication level.

And this eventually helps them grow better in their professional journey. It would be good if a person holds on to clarity in their communication skill for the betterment of their professional career.

3. Better listening skills:

Most commonly in the office when some kind of problem occurs, then all the staff of the company starts creating their own assumptions about the situation. And avoid listening to their superior authority to know the actual reason behind such situation.

So it is best for the company and the employee that if he/she listens better and clear, then it is possible that he/she may build up a good communication skill.

4. Be honest:

As explained earlier, being honest may favor you during some of the situations and this situation needs a certain level of analyzing nature for the overall development of the personnel.

In most situations, it is advisable that being honest can make things better for a person working in the office and it allows one to be aware of all the unwanted trouble approaching him/her because of his / her dishonest nature.

5. Maintaining a concise conversation:

In the office, an employee or the employer would be appreciated better for the level of their dedication and work for the development of the company. And one of the main elements of such a comfortable conversation that a person maintains is a concise manner of conversation.

Having this creates a difference of opinion between the employer and the employee which inversely affects their professional career and create an embarrassing environment as well.

How to Demonstrate Communication Skills in Resume:

There are different types of communication skills that help a person build their professional and personal relationship. And the professional key to a successful career would be having communication skills on one’s resume.

1. Nature of writing:

For a person who is trying to get a job in the company, it is advisable that he/she should start thinking about their writing nature on their resume.

Because of constant competition and development, there is a possibility that a candidate applying for the position would be rejected even after holding a professional and educational experience in that particular stream of work and that’s because of his/her resume writing.

A candidate needs to keep updating the own nature of writing accordingly. For better practices, consider observing the communication skills resume sample, which available online.

2. Standardization:

Writing a resume is a process of displaying all the professional experience and activities of a candidate, but there are a certain level of standards that needs to be followed while writing a resume.

Maintaining a standardized format of resume writing creates a professional communication level between the candidate and the employer and this will eventually make things fall on right positive places in a candidate’s life.

3. Administration:

While writing a resume a candidate needs to keep in mind that a resume is a format where he/she can display all of his / her professional knowledge about work and education. This demonstrates a communication level between the company and the candidate.

This kind of communication skill represented in a resume builds a professional outlook for the candidate’s working profile.

4. Clear writing:

Whenever a candidate decides to write a resume, the first thing that he / she needs to understand that a resume should be clear with all the information given in the resume. So it would be better if a candidate starts drafting rough format of a resume to avoid mistakes while writing a resume.

Most of the employers find out the smallest mistakes in the resume. Therefore, it is best for the candidate that while writing a resume he/she avoids making spelling or grammar mistakes.

5. Professional approach:

While writing a resume a candidate needs to follow a professional and upgraded format of resume writing. Most of the candidates fill in all the irrelevant details about their professional experience which is not necessary to be added in the resume.

So a candidate needs to maintain a professional approach while writing a resume. And this will help him/her to avoid writing irrelevant matters in the resume.

6. Precise:

Most of the common mistakes that a candidate commits while writing a resume would be making a descriptive statement about their professional activities. While writing a resume, a person needs to fill in all matters, but in a précised manner.

This précised manner of writing a resume helps a representation of the candidate’s professionalism in a better manner. Writing precise information on a resume creates a professional outlook.

How to Demonstrate Communication Skills in the Workplace:

Communication level maintains a thin line between personal and professional life. And such a thin line of difference builds an overall outlook of the candidate’s personal and professional activities.

1. Build confidence:

Confident personnel can handle all types of situations, whether it is controllable or uncontrollable. It allows a person to be more effective in their workplace.

Most of the employees take a step back when it comes to a situation where a person or an employee can get into trouble, but to overcome such a situation a person can handle a confident communication approach towards elimination of the problem.

2. Analyzing the situation:

The employees working in a workplace need to understand one of the main things about handling a situation that before taking any kind of action against the problem, they need to analyze the problem first and this only happens when you understand the importance of communication skills in the workplace.

To analyze the problems the employees need to maintain a communication level where they can consider the optimal level of solving such problems. And eventually, this can create a decision making process of the solution with the help of precise communication skills in the workplace.

3. Briefing of tasks clearly:

Most of the time it happens in the workplace that while briefing a task to a team employees lack in their clear clarity of communication skills in the workplace and this will end up creating confusion between the team.

Therefore, it would be preferable to avoid confusion to an employee who needs to be clear while assigning or briefing the task to a certain team. This helps to build clarity communication skills in the workplace between a team and its members.

4. Body language:

Having a positive body language can help a person to have effective communication skills in the workplace as compared to the rest of the working employees. Body language matters the most while communicating with the superior authorities of the company.

It creates a professional presentation of personnel abilities and skills. And most probably this will make things end up in a positive manner to that particular person or employee.

5. Observation of Knowledge:

Most of the time the employees working in a workplace lack the level of observation when it comes to knowledge. Most of the company face uncertain loss because of their low level of knowledge.

The employees of the company need to be well aware of all the activities going around in the office and the global environment. This can help them maintain a better communication level with the global business market than other competitive businesses.

Top Jobs Which Require Good Communication Skills:

Now, most of the jobs and careers require good communication skills. This can act as a very good component for one’s betterment and growth. To make your work effective and fruitful, good communication skills are very much necessary. Some of the top jobs based on it are

  • Financial Services
  • Teaching
  • Writers
  • Marketing
  • Press
  • Human Resources
  • Sales and many more


So the bottom line is that communication creates a professional and personal infrastructure for growth and success in one’s life. It is one of the most considerable matters in our day to day life. And it is high time that the value of communication level in various departments of work should be realized as soon as possible.

Communication skills prevent mistakes and allows us to maintain a successful professional career of our own. Therefore, follow all the above-mentioned steps of communication skills as per their department of work, to overcome mistakes in professional and personal activities.



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