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How to Become an Excellent Communicator: 17 Effective Tips

It is a well-known fact that surviving in today’s cut throat business world is not an easy task at all and if you desire to get ahead not only do you need to have extensive technical knowledge but you also need to have additional skills as well. After all, in the business world, being smart is not merely good enough. So given below is a list of things for becoming a better communicator. We all know that in order to get ahead in life being mediocre is not good enough, you have to strive for perfection as well as excellence at all times.

Becoming a Excellent Communicator: Super Effective Ways

The following mentioned are few work communication techniques on how to be a better communicator or how to communicate effectively and the importance of communication skills.

1. Come out of your shell and spread your wings:

Companies are always on the lookout for employees who can communicate well. A person who can communicate well is someone who has the potential of being a true asset to any company. One of the first steps involved in becoming a good communicator is coming out of your shell and learning to spread your wings. If you are someone who seeks isolation and refuses to converse with anyone else then you will never be able to become a good communicator. Becoming an excellent communicator is not tough at all; you only have to put in a little effort.

2. Try to be self-confident and have faith in yourself:

In order to become an excellent communicator, you need to have self-belief as well as self-confidence. If you do not have faith in yourself then you will never be able to have the confidence to put forth your views in a proper manner. Having the gift of the gab is a unique quality indeed which not many are blessed with, so if you are born with it then you should consider yourself incredibly important. In any event, even if you are not born with it, there are plenty of things which you can do in order to better this skill of yours.

3. Watch some helpful videos on YouTube:

Nobody can deny that we are living in a technological age and we should all make use of all the resources which are so easily available for us. Keeping this very thing in mind, there are a number of useful videos on YouTube which you can watch so that you can improve on your communication skills. You need not imbibe everything which is being told to you, try and pick up one or two things and implement them in your daily routine

4. Try to get hold of some good books:

Reading is something that has multiple benefits, the more you read the better will your vocabulary be. It is only when you expand your vocabulary that you will be able to think as well as express yourself in a more logical manner. Effective communication skills is very important to get ahead in your career. However you must remember that being an excellent communicator does not imply that you need to use only big words, using simple language works just as well.

5. Notice how television and news anchors talk:

If you wish to become a good communicator, one very helpful thing which you can do is put on the television and watch some news, when you watch the news not only will be able to broaden your horizons and become sensitive to the world around you, but at the same time you get the opportunity to take careful note of the way in which the news anchors conduct themselves and are able to talk in a convincing as well as impressive manner. You can try impersonating the way in which they talk by practicing in front of the mirror!

6. Listen to famous political speeches by politicians:

It is a very well known fact indeed that politicians are very skilled communicators and they have to be able to speak well in order to deliver political speeches and convince the people of what they are capable of. Attending a political rally, may not always be possible, but you can try and watch on TV a few political speeches that are being delivered by skilled orators like Sonia Gandhi or even Barrack Obama. Picking up even the smallest of things, whether it is the manner in which they modulate their voice or the manner in which they take pauses will help you a great deal.

7. Try to throw your voice out and not swallow your words:

If you wish to be an excellent communicator, what you should never do is swallow your words or speak in an incoherent manner. You should constantly try your level best to push your words out and not mumble in any way. Stammering is a speech impediment which is not uncommon at all, and if you try, there are ways in which you can get over this problem of yours. As we all know that nothing in life comes easy so you should be prepared to put in a great deal of hard work and effort.

8. Be mindful of your body language:

In order to be a good communicator, you have to make a conscious effort to ensure that you have the correct body language. Effective  communicators are people who are extroverts and in order to mix well with people you have to ensure that your mannerisms are not off putting, rather they are welcoming. So rather than sitting with your arms crossed you should opt for another stance. Even while speaking you could think of effective ways in which you could use your hands to further emphasize any point you are trying to get across.

9. Join a speech and drama class:

Taking the help of a skilled professional is something that could be incredibly effective in helping you to become a good communicator. Depending on the number of hours you can spare, you can opt for a speech and drama class or if you wish you could even sign up for communicative English classes where once your course is complete you will be able to express yourself very well. These classes are not very expensive at all, so you should consider giving it a try.

10. Avoid unnecessary conversation fillers that are redundant:

An excellent communicator is someone who speaks very well without fumbling. So in order to become a good communicator you must try your level best to stop fumbling while speaking and even to stop using unnecessary conversation fillers that are extremely redundant and create a very bad impression in the mind of the listener. Conversation fillers which we all have used at some point in time or the other include, ‘umm’, ‘so’, ‘like’, ‘hmm’ and even ‘anyway’. It will certainly be tough at first, yet if you try hard over time you will be able to avoid using them.

11. Try and master the art of making small talk:

The art of making small talk is an art which not many of us have been able to master. Often when we attend social gatherings most of us find it very tough to communicate with others and strike a conversation, however being able to make small talk is absolutely vital! An excellent and strong  communicator is one who has mastered the art of making small talk and always knows of a few good conversation starters. Under all circumstances you try and speak in a natural as well as unobtrusive manner. Trying to hard or over thinking things is one of the biggest mistakes which you can make!

12. Practice the art of telling a story:

Excellent communicators are those who are able to tell stories in an interesting as well as intriguing manner. So what you must do is practice telling stories, you could always begin by narrating stories to your friends and based on the feedback which you receive you can improve yourself. After all there is some truth in the common saying ‘Practice makes perfect’. Not everyone can tell stories well, but if you are able to tell stories well, then there is nothing like it. So give it your best shot, over time you will master the art of telling a story.

13. Do not forget to maintain eye contact:

One of the most important things which you need to remember if you want to become an excellent communicator is that maintaining eye contact. When you maintain eye contact you are really being able to connect with the person being spoken to and you can also gauge how interested the person is in what you are saying. Chances are that if the person is giving you his undivided attention, then his eyes will be fixated on you. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is avoiding eye contact or looking at the floor.

14. Be well informed about what is happening around you:

If you are someone who is in your own world, oblivious to what is happening around you then will not be able to become an effective communicator as you will never have anything good or intriguing to talk about. A good communicator is never one who gossips or talks about petty things, rather he or she is someone who discusses topical issues which are very relevant to the present time. If you do not read the newspapers or watch the news, then you will never be aware of what is going on around you.

15. Try and think in a clear and comprehensive manner:

It is only when you are able to think in a clear and concise manner that you will be able to gather your thoughts properly and put forth your views in an impressive manner. So before doing anything else, you should try and de clutter your mind, so that your thoughts and words are not half-baked, but rather very logical. To become a more logical thinker, many people do some programming because it involves a number of chronological steps. So you can try your hand at it, to see if it helps you improve your good communication skills.

16. Being a good listener is equally important:

If you want to be an excellent communicator you have to ensure that you are a good listener as well. If you are someone who only likes to talk without listening to what others have to say, then chances are that in time to come no one will like to talk to you at all! So no matter how hard it might be for you, you should try and cultivate the habit of being a good listener as well and also trying to pick up some effective communication tips from the way in which other excellent communicators conduct themselves.

17. Always be grammatically correct:

As mentioned above, being an excellent communicator does not mean that you need to use flowery language or high sounding words, speaking in grammatically correct language is what you should primarily be mindful about. Using wrong grammar is something that creates a very bad impression in the mind of the person listening to you. So, good speaking skills are also very mandatory for any person to become an great communicator.

These are some of the things you can do in order to become an excellent communicator. Chances are that things will not come easy to you at first, but over time, with constant practice, you will be able to put forth all your ideas in a clear, comprehensive as well as concise manner. So one of the best ways to get yourself noticed and to ensure that you are always one step ahead of the rest is by trying to improve your leadership and communication ability and skills so that over time you can go on to become an excellent communicator.



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