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No Courtesy for climate conservation.

Whether highly effective or hardly, there exists written, legal regulations, warnings and charges against activities, such as deforestation, swamp drainage, air pollution with toxic gases, water and soil pollution, that trigger climate destabilization in every country. Some even have pro-environment organizations that carry out projects to halt and reverse the effects of global warming. Regrettably though, such efforts remain less impactful than the current rise in carbon emissions. This calls for more strategic and intense approaches towards ensuring that damage to our environment and hence climate, is contained. This essay proposes new political and economic changes towards curbing the rising global temperatures.

Firstly, a merger of activities that promote environmental conservation with those highly
prioritized by man. In other words, for every significant achievement of man, a conservation task must be done to validate it. For example, in the Philippines, the Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act was passed into law in 2019 and demands planting of at least 10 trees in selected areas as a graduation prerequisite for high schools and college students. Such approaches can be considered not only for highly valued education but for other life accomplishments like marriage, purchasing property, employment, promotions, acquisition of grants and recognitions, among others. Truth is, we are all desperately chasing at least one of those so why not contribute to conservation in the process? How about signing a declaration to support activities that reduce water and soil pollution before one buys land? Better yet, true evidence of involvement in reforestation before the walk down the aisle or a renewal of a license! When efforts to halt climate change are attached to the things that are vital to humans, we can rapidly secure a stable, favorable and sustainable climate.

Secondly, more investment in the novel field of Biotechnology promises a drastic reversal of air and water pollution. This new science hastens the production of tree species, microorganisms and mechanics with superb capabilities to restore and revitalise nature. For example, plastic degrading bacteria and caterpillars are under trials in the UK and Japan, Uganda recently launched buses that run solely on solar energy and the amazing Welsh car, The Rasa, that runs on hydrogen and emits a harmless substance: water. Forestation using genetically engineered tree seedlings, such as those of Spruce, Pine, Conifers and Eucalyptus has aided their planting on a large scale and in less time so as to absorb the toxic gases. This approach can become even more sustainable when coupled with legal environment policies like heavy fines, bans and long prison sentences.

Factually, the major culprits of environmental degradation are the much exalted, highly complex and intelligent species: human beings. A rise in man’s population intensifies pressure on the available resources, consequently, nature reserves are exploited to provide enough for the inconsiderate humans. There is an urgent need to place restrictions on population growth, similar to China’s one child policy implemented in 1979 that reversed their increasing population for over 30 years. If people reproduce with no ethical regard for their environment, the very core of their entire existence, then why should it accommodate and sustain them? Many developed countries have knowingly approached population control through availing subsidized, safe and effective contraceptives, and unknowingly via women emancipation, the high demand for time and energy consuming human expertise in different fields and the high costs of living that pushes one into thinking thrice before welcoming another being to care for. Placing a tight notch on the number of offspring one can have certainly reduces competition for the basics of life like food, water and space for shelter thus less intrusion of areas, like swamps, forests and mangroves, that naturally rejuvenate our climate.

Lastly, nothing fuels destruction more like having an ineffective or non-strategic backup plan. This is observed mostly in developing countries. Landslides in Bududa district, Eastern Uganda, have currently resumed resulting from the cutting down of mountain trees to grow food crops and human settlement. Though the area was previously reforested by the government and NGOs, the locals moved back to what they call home and resumed settlement and subsistence agriculture. Wouldn’t reforestation coupled with creating more awareness on the dangers of deforestation, relocating the population to suitable places, empowering them there and then strengthening security around the revived areas be more effective? The adamancy in formulating better strategies and intensifying environmental protection policies after surviving a climate-change-induced crisis should not attract help from the outside world and that will perhaps push the affected into acting with more caution for their environment, as seen in the Republic of South Africa and Rwanda that realized combating climate change accelerates the much wanted economic development.\

To end this, drastic times call for drastic measures. The human activities heating up the planet to dangerous levels not only threaten our continued existence but also that of the species that contribute to our daily sustenance, as per the food web. If all the polite warnings, charges and sentences have proven less effective, a rude awakening, as suggested above, holds more water. There should be no courtesy in a matter that threatens our very existence!

Liz Kawalya
Elizabeth Kawalya is a Scientist who loves to know it all and to compel others to embark on the journey of finding out for themselves! Born in Bweyogerere, Wakiso district, Uganda, she was raised with six siblings by a single mother. She currently works as a medical laboratory assistant and part-time sous chef. Nature, the current social-political environment and personal experience are her greatest inspiration from which she creates original content with the aim of captivating her audience with accurate, relatable and entertaining writings.


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