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Technology in Stilettos.

Technology and women have three things in common: they both thrive on competition, are
always meddling in problems and the perfect appearance usually masks many flaws. Unlike
women though, Technology never fails to impress! Simply defined as a practical way of solving problems, Technology is rampant nowadays and continually evolving to meet our daily demands, even those we didn’t know we had but a glimpse at its lucrative offers has us willingly embracing it! The Technology revolution ranges from simply eating with a fork, to real time telecommunication, to you reading this through a screen to spying on our complex neighbors in outer space. Whatever process is made more feasible than before, that is Technology, originating from individuals who recognized a need, thought hard and innovated a solution. But is this novelty all laced in diamonds and no cracks? Firstly, the good part…

Technology and women have three things in common: they both thrive on competition, arealways meddling in problems and the perfect appearance usually masks many flaws

Technology makes processes fast, so fast! Sitting still for long hours for a portrait to be drawn and waiting several days for a photo film to be developed have long been trampled by the current high resolution cameras and instant digital printers. Remember the days when death was anticipated so that news of recent events could be rumoured at the funeral gathering? Perhaps not because world wide communication via internet broadcasts and text messaging has enabled news to reach everywhere even as it unfolds. Mr. Google has information about anything therefore a consultation from the old and wise village council is no longer first priority. Besides communication, monetary transactions and factory goods’ production is hastened by specialized machinery thus saving time and energy. Furthermore, Technology is being used to demystify past and future events, reducing the guesswork. For example, Carbon dating is a technique used to ascertain the age of fossils and therefore how uninteresting life must have been then whereas rocket science is already strengthening our hopes of living on another planet some day.

Secondly, a round of applause for Tech’s enormous contribution to upholding human life! With Biotechnology, health disorders such as Cancer, Sickle cell anemia and physical deformations can be diagnosed early and preventive measures taken to minimize or better yet, eliminate their adverse effects. The 2019 Coronavirus outbreak drew special attention to Technology which proved vital in devising methods for its avoidance, care and treatment through the development of vaccines and effective personal protective equipment. Technology has also offered a comfortable living to man. For example, an accountant spends the whole day balancing huge sums on a computer, a coffee maker will ensure that he gets a hot drink, yesterday’s laundry will be cleaned by an automatic washer and with a few taps on his smartphone, his groceries and hot dinner will be delivered just when he needs them. Additionally, why spend a fortune to travel to India to see the Taj Mahal when the internet offers online site visits and I can have my picture taken standing inside the temple, from the comfort of my bed? Actually, I could be anywhere in the world in a few minutes, acquiring skills, knowledge and experience about things I may neverm attempt in vivo. Businesses are no exception, rampantly utilizing machines to complete bulky and laborious tasks thus reducing the headaches of dealing with non complacent human labour.

Exhalations aside, the advancement of technology carries a huge consignment of disadvantage. To begin with, Tech knows no logic; its functioning is designed and sustained by man, set to a certain threshold beyond which it ceases to be useful. For example, a car prescribed to run on petrol can not think about utilizing diesel or water even in a life threatening emergency. Interestingly, all Technology will either give wrong output or break down when prompted to work beyond its settings, leaving a need still unmet. Secondly, Technology has thrust its users into grave yet evitable danger. Man is throwing caution to the wind through heavy reliance on this “supreme” Technology… Machines to do the manual work have increased obesity cases and their wastes a degradation of the natural environment, plastic surgery transforms us into shapes that mock God’s creativity while smartphones have us gaping for hours at every display, demeaning our innovativity and productivity. Try telling today’s child that playing in the mud instead of video games is much fun and they will look at you in pitiful disgust!

Another burnt offering from Technology is its ability to empower yet disable simultaneously; I can be a certified pro champion in an online game and confidently shun any physical practice yet in reality, my limbs are shy of the techniques that I acclaim. Surely, the ancestors must be gasping in awe at a thing that was created to assist but is possibly speeding up our reunion with them. Fourthly, Technology has promoted anxiety among the people. The swift sharing of news and personal identity has paved the way for crimes such as blackmailing, hacking of money accounts, impersonation and kidnapping so much so that I am tempted to revive the little bank under my mattress and disappear to a land unknown. Every young person has a celebrity that they admire and imitate, which following has thrown them into unhealthy addictions, fluctuating self esteem and failure to uncover their true work potential. Lastly, convenience offered may be cheap but Technology is expensive in terms of its operation and maintenance. It demands availability of resources such as fuel, human expertise and specialized facilities for its smooth operation, an additional financial expense. Not forgetting its constant prompts to be upgraded so as to stay on top of its game, that insatiable thing!

In conclusion, Technology is a necessary evil; we need it and yet it isn’t all good for us.
Interestingly, its shortcomings can only be resolved by more creativity implying that there will be no saying goodbye soon. Its usage though rampant should be done in a manner that balances convenience and wellbeing, getting the most out of it but also not letting it drain the best out of the users. Technology’s fancy parade in stilettos should be no guarantee its bare feet do not walk in mud sometimes.

Liz Kawalya
Elizabeth Kawalya is a Scientist who loves to know it all and to compel others to embark on the journey of finding out for themselves! Born in Bweyogerere, Wakiso district, Uganda, she was raised with six siblings by a single mother. She currently works as a medical laboratory assistant and part-time sous chef. Nature, the current social-political environment and personal experience are her greatest inspiration from which she creates original content with the aim of captivating her audience with accurate, relatable and entertaining writings.


  1. The writer is not only well versed with technology but also very knowledgeable about day to day needs and effects of technology. One for the road on me for sharing.


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