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When Jobs play Hide and Seek.

Dear Applicant,
We regret to inform you that your tenth job application was unsuccessful. We find your skills and work experience very stale and detestable to our palate, and we are convinced that your joining our team will only detriment the vision and values that we dearly uphold… Every job seeker’s nightmare! Rejection is a block we all stumble upon, whether or not we did our best or deserved it, sometimes, a NO is the answer they wish to give. In Uganda, it is commonly said that looking for a job is a job in itself given the high demand from the increasingly skilled and entitled, the till-death-dethrones-me employees, lack of compatible skills and career guidance, among others. The absence of positive feedback from a job
application is one stab in the flesh but going through to the in-person interviews only to receive a rejection is like that knife has been twisted to go a little deeper. How about if that experience keeps replaying itself? Let’s explore some effective ways that we can patch up that wound…

  1. Improve your Curriculum Vitae
    A CV is the first impression before a face is associated with it. Always revise your CV and seek professional help to upgrade it in terms of grammar, relevance of its contents to that job position, for example, why mention swimming as a key skill for a job that requires you to stare at a computer all day long? Sometimes, applicants forget to alter the employer’s address and current date or do not include the mentioned job requirements, communicating a lack of attention to detail to the recruiters. Don’t get too excited, update and review your curriculum vitae before sending it out there.

2.Believe In Yourself More
Stories are told of applicants who had very impressive CVs but engaging with them in person equated to the fake images on the labels on beauty products verses the promised results. Perhaps, the reason why rejection is cohabiting with you is because you also do not believe in yourself! It all starts with the mind, train yourself to be for you and present yourself in defence of what you mentioned that you can do. Yes, personalities are a thing, you might be reserved, maybe loud or perhaps that relative prophesied doom over your future but employers look for what value you can bring to the table over whichever niche
psychology or people classified you as. Confidence always radiates from the inside out so do not conform to limitations that could keep you from that dream job.

  1. Talk to People
    The constant job turn downs have a way of piling up shame and self doubt to the extent that that experience rather be concealed than raise more eyebrows. Do not keep silent; talk to your circles about your search for a job and clearly communicate what you are looking for. Remember, your network is your net worth; those people can give valuable advice about how to conquer the quest or connect you to that starter opportunity. Don’t be shy about voicing your need to improve upon yourself…or your pocket!

4. Learn New Skills
Chances are, you are being turned down because you are underskilled for the job position. Therefore, continually equip yourself through online and in-person courses, research and experimenting projects, volunteering among others. Skills such as graphics design, project planning and management, are trending and can be to your advantage. However, choice of skills to add to yourself should correlate with your chosen career path or personal interests. There is no logic in learning something only to forget or not apply it anywhere.

  1. Consider Self Employment
    Finally, when jobs prove untamable, consider creating your own employment opportunity! What better deal than to be your own boss, doing something that you are passionate about? Many small businesses in Uganda are owned by individuals who saw a lot of opportunities in creating and marketing their own creations than dancing to someone else’s tune. Do not suicide yourself by just diving into it; prepare for self employment by doing market research, developing a feasible business plan and seeking advice from those already in that field of interest.

  2. To sum up, employers always source one who can not only uphold the values of their organisation but also bring in more unique skills to drive them forward. Positioning yourself to grasp that job and keep it is a continuous task given to the rampant change in our political, social and economic status and being open to adapting quickly is to your advantage.
    I hope this article will propel your employment seeking game.
    Yours faithfully,
    An Ex Job Seeker

Liz Kawalya
Elizabeth Kawalya is a Scientist who loves to know it all and to compel others to embark on the journey of finding out for themselves! Born in Bweyogerere, Wakiso district, Uganda, she was raised with six siblings by a single mother. She currently works as a medical laboratory assistant and part-time sous chef. Nature, the current social-political environment and personal experience are her greatest inspiration from which she creates original content with the aim of captivating her audience with accurate, relatable and entertaining writings.


  1. Thank you for the deep insight into the job search.
    It even gets tougher when one is thinking of joining a field way different from that they are currently in.


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