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Why Is It so Hard to Find a Job Today? How to make it Easy

There are millions of people out there who are still battling to get their right job. If you have been in a drawn-out job search, then you would by all odds be foiled about your joblessness. Though applicants may possess the mightily skills and experience, obtaining a job at the right time has become perplexed for a number of reasons.

It is really soul- crushing for ones left jobless, the downswing of economy and lack of enough job openings may also be a reason for such state of affairs.

“The crowning fortune of a man is to be born to some pursuit which finds him employment and happiness, whether it be to make baskets, or broadswords, or canals, or statues, or songs.”

This situation can be dealt in a smart way and crossed over with a help of few hints.

Why is it So Hard to Find a Job These Days:

1. Revision of resume:

A job search can be made easy by first reexamining the resume as it is the basic tool which facilitates you gain entry for an interview.

An effective resume with basic points on it and on the cover letter would be a good idea. Write your resume with simple language rather than complicated ones.

Try to use active verbs for your previous job achievements. Target the company requirements while formulating your resume and make it stand out of the rest during assessing.

Since resumes are scanned by machines, make sure to make your resumes machine friendly.

2. Fine tuning cover letter:

Your cover letter should be written in a way that you know the business and the company a lot.

The employer should learn from your cover letter that you have dedicated more time to know about the company. When employers know that you’re interested in them, then they would be impressed.

The resume and cover letter should be brushed up to suit your position and designation. So run through the blogs, company profile, LinkedIn executives, and current articles of the company.

Chairman of, G.L.Hoffman insists the same about resumes and cover letters.

3. Do not completely rely on job sites:

Spending time online and getting registered with a number of job sites is one way of hunting for a job, but that is not the end.

Try to get in contact with other people and attend interviews, walk- ins, meeting people, attending job fairs and more. By this way the elevator pitch of the candidate is improved and can be amended further.

4. Enhance your networking group:

A retarded job opportunity can be a confidence spifflicating factor, and hard to fight with, so get along with people who can help you in such circumstances.

Get involved in some job search support group who can support you, develop your network with professionals through friends or relatives who can refer you.

Be in regular touch with these groups so that they can update and help you in all ways.

5. A resume with keywords:

best keywords for resume

Apart from being a dry recitation of qualifications and job history, a resume should be a marketing document which lures the employer and invites you for an interview.

The resume should highlight and sell yourself to the employer with details about what you can contribute to the employer.

Job seekers should focus on keywords and accomplishments as the main elements on the resume. With keyword searchable databases, focusing on keywords on resume has become the recent trend.

6. Possessing focus:

Apart from hunting for a job, lacking focus is another factor every job seeker holds.

An unfocussed job quester lacks confident answers when asked for, and answers everything in a shadowy manner. A vague answer may not help the job seeker in networking aspects.

7. Expand your social media presence:

Since networking is a 2 way street and helps you a lot in job search, a perfect presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more will assist you a lot.

Create a perfect LinkedIn profile as it is a professional networking. Develop an excellent LinkedIn profile to get noticed.

Get linked with the various groups with LinkedIn such as corporate alumni, your previous friends who are employed, and lot more. All these links can help you a lot and make your job search simple.

8. Maintain your reputation:

The state of being anonymous has vanished, so when your name is Google searched your presence should be there online.

If not, you would be judged as not clued-up with technology and out of touch online. You would also be at risk, if your profiles and social Media open up with something abominable and irrelevant.

So try to maintain a perfect professional presence and be a member online when Google searched. This is because employers validate your resume with social proof where LinkedIn plays a key role.

Most of the employers and recruiters may be using google search to check your names to understand your online presenceonline. So maintaining an online reputation is essential.

9. Always be prepared for next chance:

When you have a good online network of professionals and friends, do not decide to drop them once you get a job. This is because, if your network is alive, you can use them for next job search if required.

10. Following up employers after interview:

follow up employer after interview

The usual mistake all job seekers make is that they just thank the interviewer after their interview gets over.

It is mandatory to follow the employer and stride the fine line by opening up your exuberance and persistence and show your interest.

Make sure to know the time frame for the decision from the employer and based on it, follow up the employer by means of email or phone to keep your name out of the crowd.

11. Target the company and prepare:

A number of job seekers conk out to prepare soundly for the interview. When you’re called for an interview, try to make a search on the specific company and forebode the type of questions that may be asked.

Prepare answers based on the research you made. By researching the company and opening up those information in an interview shows the awareness and dedication towards the company.

By this way you would stand out and pass the interview in an easier way.

12. Attending informational interview:

An informational interview can help you a lot in gaining knowledge about the work industry and nature.

You can ask them questions and also expand your professional network with an informational interview. If you are able to impress them, you can be referred by them also for job opportunities.

13. Background checks and credit checks:

Background checks and credit checks are usually a phase of any interview process. For the same a good status and perfect credit status should be maintained.

When your credit report is worse, then chances of getting a job would be in trouble.

14. Enhance technical skills:

how improve technical skills

Job seekers should be aware of the skills they possess and strong about. Brush up your technical skills and hunt for jobs based on your technical skills .

Companies who find that you possess deep knowledge on any technical stream can pick you for their organization. So, list out your string skills and research for companies that hire those experts.

15. Spend time meeting new professionals:

It is also a smart way to spend your time with professionals developed by your network by being a member of the alumni, meetings, attending conferences, and more.

Getting in touch with new clients by ways of lunch, coffee or a walk can help you get assisted for further employment opportunities.

Advertise your skills, strength and latest achievements which would pave way for your employment offer.


The job market is facing a tight situation where a company receives nearly 1000 applications for a single job opening. Professor of Management of San Francisco state university John Sullivan states that computer based machines scan the resumes in spite of humans.

Weeding out of applicants is done easily based on keywords and other aspects of the machines. To get flagged for your skills and experience, getting updated and using networking skills is the smart way.

Submitting resumes electronically are also useless says Sullivan. If you possess the strong technical skills, strength and right experience obtaining a job isn’t hard.

Following the above tips can help you a lot in attaining a job easily. These are smart ways where skills need to be applied on basic job search process.



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