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Democracy and Human Rights: Two Peerless Worlds.

Human rights have always been partial to human understanding yet impending. Human rights and democracy are two correlated terms broadly used in the contemporary world with distinct meanings. The commonly sorted notion of “Human Empowerment” through the inclusion of all stakeholders is the main crux. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, the US quested for a new world order rooted back to its longing to expand its hegemony through the use of soft power maneuvers encompassed ideologies established on the liberal school of thought like democracy, capitalism, and advancement of human rights. Here and now, several states have conceded a modern democratic political environment. There have always been staunch advocates around the world who have furnished democracy as an overrated idealistic ideology claiming to be the only system in which people get an opportunity to make decisions, utilization of resources is halved equally, growth is inclusive, and utmost it is a perfect chance for the people to present their divergent standpoints.

Protection of human rights is one of the core facets of democracy despite its failure. A whirl in the credibility of the system has summed futile. Democracy has ended up falling over through warding human rights regions like the Middle East, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Instability and violation of human rights in these tracts have taken up all the hopes. One of the fundamental human rights is the protection of a human against human. Undeniably a man needs to be protected from one another due to his greedy and violent disposition so do their rulers. The right to be insured by tyranny is one of the fundamental rights, condoned since ever. They have been passed over many times by the governments while pursuing national interests.

Democracy is a system inaugurated by the West carving victory in countries like Switzerland. What makes a country to be democratically successful? Hence, the answer modestly convinces that the rights of people are the only way out to get a staircase of democratic prosperity. Contemporary during an unparalleled period of COVID-19, the authoritarian form of government is a bandwagon. Hungary and Poland are the prevailing examples of former democratic states who have swapped authoritarianism over democracy. A political scientist Juan.J. Linz., wrote in his research paper while highlighting some of the drawbacks of democracy, viewing that countries who adopt the presidential configuration of democracy are at the brink of collapse. The main reason behind the fall is the negligence of human rights. Human rights are very slender in a Presidential system that allows a fixed term for executive and continual regime power. In this way, the ambitions of such regimes are left unchecked. Cultural heritage and tradition have played the role of a noteworthy facet of society as either a game-changer or outlier. People inhabiting the Middle East, South-East Asia, and Latin America are inferring to be fundamentalists and strict towards their views and values, giving rise to two distinct poles in yield. South Asians are presumed to be more concerned about economic growth and prosperity than utopian fantasies of liberty and freedom. The profound primitive legal traditions and norms have stopped people from adapting themselves to the Western-centric political system extracted from the principles of liberal ideas and modernization.

In a nutshell, societies from an orthodox background find democracy an existential threat to their norms and values, making some countries hesitate to take on a western political system based on ideas that are non-identical to their values and impotent for their societies. Human rights in these countries are more likely to be ignored and denied. The primary reason for the democratic disparity in the world is due to that and averted by raising awareness among nations about their rights and duties within a democratic political framework.



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