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How to Recover from a Bad Job Interview?

For many job questers, job interviews are pretty bad and unlucky. The individuals know that the job interview has flopped by the time they leave the interview. Bad job interviews are always discouraging, frustrating, cause shame and irritation. Dr.Katherine Brooks, executive director of the personal and career development of Wake Forest University mentions that a bad job interview can also lead an individual to depression. Almost all job seekers imagine themselves to be successful and when they experience a contradict situation such as bad interview they find it tough to recover. Here are a few tips to recover from a bad job interview.

16 Steps to Recovery After a Bad Job Interview:

1. Examining experience:

Brooks mentions that the candidates who have bombed an interview should look into things that went well in an interview. This helps them to concentrate on negative aspects. The candidates should find out the things that went wrong in an interview and made it a bad job interview.

2. Learning from mistakes:

Steward mentions that the candidate should pen down the list of mistakes and learn from them. By this way they would be able to do better in their next interview. Brooks also adds that learning from mistakes is the best thing which can be done when an interview ends up bad.

3. Thinking inside yourself:

Since the interview has ended up in a bad manner the candidate should have a spark within him. He must ask to himself that what differently he can do to make the next interview successful. Make sure that you find out the information that is needed and lacked in the previous interview. The job questor should also focus on handling tough questions the next time.

4. Forgive yourself:

The individual should learn to forgive themselves as it assists in playing a better game in the future. The candidate should understand that nothing good can happen by beating up yourself. A bad interview can be an uneasy situation and hover around the mind for some time, so do not discourage yourself and avoid from reaching new employers. It is always good to accept mistakes and take steps forward.

5. Follow up thank you note:

It is always good for candidates to avert excuses and acknowledge blunders made. When a candidate can realize that their acknowledgment to the questions was off the target and so the candidate can send a well-crafted letter or thank you note to the employer. The letter can mention the misunderstanding of the questions in an interview and this can make a difference.

6. Writing down:

After coming back from an interview, the candidate can get to their place and write down the happenings in an interview. The feeling should be completely expressed on a paper. Write down what happened in the interview and what went wrong. Enhanced validity is obtained when an interview is immediately expressed on paper. As emotions are raw and out on paper, thoughts are true. The written paper can be revised after a few days which show up the heat of the moment. This acts as a helping hand to prepare for the next interview.

7. Obtaining feedback:

Getting feedback can be another way to rectify the mistakes made in an interview which turned up bad. It would be beneficial if the candidate gets a feedback as the candidate can get back a perspective of what others think of the candidate.

8. Knowing strengths:

A job interview is considered to be crucible for any candidate and can develop stress in the mind of individuals. When a mistake is made in a job interview, the same can make you a strong and perfect person. Remember to review the situation and make your mistake overcome in the next process. Identify your strength and use them to travel in the procedure called interview.

9. Have a routine:

When you consider any sports personality or any other famed person, they must have a set of routines which they follow prior starting the game. Some may consider it as superstitious but the truth is that they find it easy and comfortable at that time. By this way the mind is relaxed and eased and they have a better flow of ideas. In the same manner routines can be set before the interview mornings. The candidate can do somethings like run, read or more which gets your mind out of interview. In this manner a routine can be developed and own flow can be set which will improve your performance in an interview.

10. Contacting interviewer:

A few candidates do this where they contact the interviewer after a few days. By this way good results can be yield. It would be advisable that the candidate gets the contact details of the interviewer after the interview. Calling them and emailing them after a few days after the interview can be a great way. In that manner if the interview was good, chances are there that another interview can be set up, in the same manner if the interview wasn’t good, details about what went wrong can be found out. By this way contacting an interviewer can assist you to recover yourself from a bad job interview.

11. Developing confidence:

Being depressed and downing yourself cannot be good ideas after an interview has turned up bad. The interview would have gone in the wrong manner and ended up badly, as a candidate you must have done all you can and getting depressed is not a right result. The candidate should remember to develop confidence and keep moving on by developing him for the next interview. The candidate should be confident enough though the interview would have failed.

12. Prepare for next time:

Once you have ended up in a bad interview make sure to develop a routine and work hard to handle the same situation if it occurs. There may be instances where the same situation may occur, make sure to learn the techniques about handling them. Preparation is a very important aspect for any interview.

13. Keep hunting for a job:

You may have ended up in a bad interview, but hunting for a job should be a continuous process and you must not cease this process just for the sake of an interview ended up in failure. So the hunting process should be continued without hassles even after the job interview went wrong.

14. Do not be in doors:

Once a candidate has been in a bad state and mentality where his or her interview was not well, then recovering from the same is mandatory. The individuals should not stay indoors depressed for a long term. They should take it up in an easy to go manner and make sure that they start preparing for the next interview with enthusiasm. This is not the end and the candidate should remember that there are opportunities waiting ahead where they need to move on and open the doors. The candidate should get out doors, meet his or her friends and rejuvenate their mind for next interview.

15. Vanishing thoughts:

The candidate should forget that the interview went wrong and ban the thoughts that run around the mind. Whirling with the same thoughts throughout in the mind can make the individuals feel depressed and disturbed. Forgetting that the interview failed and starting up fresh for a new interview, considering it as the first interview is necessary. This can be one way by which the individual can recover from bad job interview.

16. Positive thinking:

An individual can have failed in a job interview, but it is equally important that the candidate must learn to have a positive mentality in life. Recovering from a bad interview can be one aspect and for one to recover, he must have the mentality to think in a positive manner. Take up the failure as a learning session or experience in life, and also learn that opportunities knock once and the candidate should perform the best for the given opportunity. In that manner a positive mentality can be a great friend for any candidate to recover from a bad interview.

These tips are a few ones which can be followed by candidates who desire to recover from a bad job interview. Once a candidate completes graduation job hunt is the next phase in the career, where many interviews end up in a bad manner. Ending up in a bad interview can be considered as a lesson for life and candidates should learn from every job interview. Each failure in life either is a stepping stone from which many aspects are learned and the candidate moves over. In that manner recovering from a bad job interview is important for every job quester in life and take it in a positive manner



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