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Meet Nabaggala Resty, the CEO of Here for Her.

Who is Nabaggala Resty?

Resty is a 22 year old female Ugandan, born to the late Mr Louis Musoke Kasolo and Ms Nakawuka Mary in Mpigi district. She holds a degree in Business Administration from Mbarara University, she is a leader and peer educator, activist for girl child and gender equality advocate. She is enthusiastic to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and climate, social justice.
She is the founder of Here for Her foundation.
“My life lies in the hands of the Lord”

What motivated you to start here for her?

My motivation to start Here for Her foundation was driven from my child experiences and what came out to be true as I grew up. To take you back, I faced bullying, violence and also saw my friends dropping out of school as a young girl.
We grew up over 20 girls(lower primary), by the time we finished primary seven we had remained like 15 in schools, to summarize I’m the only one who finished university, some dropped out due to teenage pregnancies and others financial constraints, well as others due to lack of sense of direction. The above explain my motivation to start Here for Her foundation.

What are some of the challenges you face as a young female leader and how do you overcome them?

Many challenges but will give the most senstive, first sexism. In every environment you go in, it’s either you receive sexist compliments or be vibed by men, you may be working with a man hoping you both projecting towards a certain cause yet he has an agenda behind at times they want even to use you. The other challenge is being looked down because I’m a female, then also financial constraints to implement my work cause have just finished school.

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Who do you look up to?

I’m inspired by a number of ladies from different spheres, I take their good and leave out the bad like Ms Winnie Byanyima, hon. Betty Nambooze, one other if she was around would be Maya Angelou, inspired by her work through poetry. Above all I have other idols, but most importantly, I’m my own motivation plus the life experiences I have endured.

What message do you leave to those aspring to e leaders?

My message is “You worth than what you think you are”. It’s only when you decide to take a step that the world will embrace you. Otherwards, keep pushing and don’t be backlashed by anything, network, consult, make friends likely minded people, read , have a thirst to learn and don’t forget to offer yourself a seat on the table. Above all trust in the Lord.

What kind of impact do you hope to make with this organization?

I hope with time to come, through partnerships and networks, we hope to solicit scholarships for girls from vulnerable families, put up Skilling hubs for employable skills and build a network of transformative leaders.

Why do you think it’s important for young people like yourself to provide solution to problems that are facing their communities?

My mantra is “it starts with me” The change I admire I have to be part of it’s achievement. Young people we are blessed with knowledge, skills and we need to use all these gifts to impact our communities, through this we can discover our purpose in life, utilize our potentials for a good cause and as well grow. It’s imperative that every young person in one way or the other have something the community will pride in you.

How do you ensure that you are always constantly growing as a leader?

An amazing question! As earlier said, I’m my own motivation. I do make sure I motivate myself and don’t accept anyone whose motives aim at backlashing me.
I do reading non fictions, data released in a desired field, I always create a space for myself and make sure I work, interact with people above me with higher experiences. Above all,my goals also push me, I fear disappointing myself.

What is so tricky about you?

I’m principled which makes some people think I’m bossy/rude. Actually some think I’m always in that serious path of life 😁😁but I also live my life just like any other young person but responsibly Still I’m an ambivert depending on the surrounding environment, however to those who know me I’m the most outgoing person with a good sense of humor.

Tell us about your life while growing.

It was a humble life, socially, economically etc.
Being born to a public servant who had already retired during my early days on earth and a house wife, I won’t say it was a hard life but neither was it a soft life. Regardless of the situations, my parents always offered the best in their capacities. I remember at one point in time I was a victim of bullying, my dad always wanted me to study in good schools so him and mum took me to one of the primary good schools in Mpigi by then but it had many children from rich families. I was bullied for a term but I used my voice as a weapon, as a kid also I faced indirect violence from surrounding.
The life experiences have been part of the grooming of the lady you see now.

About your education.

I attended primary school from Mpigi central primary school, proceeded to Fisher Branch Kalagala High school for O’level later on joined Mpigi Light College for my A’level.
From there, I was admitted at Mbarara University of Science and Technology for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration on government sponsorship, I will graduate in May 2022
I’m proud of all my schools, they offered what the world wouldn’t offer me.

About your Leadership journey.

My leadership journey has blossomed over time, I started leadership way back in primary though not all that active, However university has been a great avenue as far as growing my career as a leader is concerned, have been chanced to serve positions through appointment, election and by merit from class room level to the guild students body.

What do we refer to as catalyst in this journey up to where you are?

Being nice to people regardless of their background, committed, focused, working hard, setting realistic goals, exposing myself into spaces, networking and above all I’m a believer.

What do we refer to as catalyst in this journey up to where you are?

Being nice to people regardless of their background, committed, focused, working hard, setting realistic goals, exposing myself into spaces, networking and above all I’m a believer.

Through out this journey, have meant many friends who have pushed me to great heights, guide, advise, support me. They speak my name in the rooms of opportunities.



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