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Life Beyond the Walls.

School students live their whole life relying on everyone around them; parents, teachers and friends. As they move onto their A-levels, they are able to taste a bit of the independence and responsibility that comes with being an adult. Students of F.6 graduating and making it to their dream universities is definitely the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. It is about them breaking through the walls of protection and reliance provided by their parents.

Cherish your yesterdays, dream your tomorrows and live your todays. Live life to the fullest, for the future is scarce.

Preparing to Move Out

The first thing graduating students should take care of is their accommodation. Many universities offer on campus accommodations and others help you look for the best suitable option. Since for most students it is their first time moving away from the home they grew in, it’s advisable that they visit their place of accommodation ahead of time and get familiar with the place. Of course a place that is close to your campus and has many other students like you staying would be ideal. Although, while looking for places to stay one also has to keep their budget in mind and for that all you have to do is surf around the area and like I mentioned previously, visit your campus, which would definitely give you a better outlook of your options. It is indeed true that experience is the best teacher, so it would be best for students going through this transition to seek advice from their seniors who have already settled in their new life.

Achieving True Freedom

Freedom is something so charming and tempting for kids who have looked forward to it their whole lives, but it can also be very deceiving. Coming out of the shelter of your homes will require you to handle your own finances. I could only convey some tips and tricks that I came across while researching for this article. It’s necessary to fix a monthly budget and then differentiate between your needs and wants which might be the biggest challenge for some of us. Once you’re done with that it would be wise to track your spending by saving all your bills and receipts. Cutting down on your phone and food expenses could significantly help you stay in budget and other than that always be on the lookout for easy money; online surveys, online market trading and starting your own websites are just a few ways for students to make money.

For a university student learning isn’t only restricted to the lecture halls and professors aren’t always the ones teaching, living in a dorm could be the biggest learning experience for a young adult and their roommate probably the best teacher at social lessons. Making friends might seem hard but trust me, everyone is as nervous as you are, maybe even more. Once you get used to the environment, and you let loose, socializing will become very easy. The first two people you would want to make friends would be the resident assistant (RA) and obviously, your roommate. An RA is usually a senior who is responsible for helping residents complete their daily tasks. Their duties include overseeing fun activities for residents and assisting them in almost every daily life chore and maintaining care records for their facility. Making friends with your roommate should not be a challenge since you will be sharing a mutual space with them and if it is a challenge, well, that’s what you made friends with the RA for. You can always apply for a change in roommates.

Focus and Consistency Paves the Path

Staying focused on your classes should be easy once you remind yourself of your dreams and the hard work you put in to take those classes at very university. Although if you still struggle with stress from your academic and social life, it is best to seek out help from the counsellors and therapists available at your school. They would be able to listen to your troubles and provide the best advice.

I do realize that nervousness is a given when taking such a huge step but believe me it will be worth it. You will learn precious life lessons and maybe make the best friends of your life. You might find yourself giving up at some point and if you hang in there you are sure to look back and smile at those bittersweet moments. Regardless of everything the memories you make and the lessons you learn will stay with you forever.

Enjoy life to the fullest.



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